John Dooley: Demonstrating The Leica M

John Dooley from the Leica Akademie Mayfair demonstrates the recently introduced The Leica M. Dooley takes to the streets of London to show off the new features of the camera. He highlights everything you need to know about the camera including the use of live view, focus peaking, movies and accessories in this tutorial.

A particular highlight of the range is the new Leica R-Adapter M that allows almost all R-Lenses ever built to be mounted on the camera. In the video, Dooley takes advantage of this new offering by taking images of a friend with an R-Lens and The Leica M by using the new adapter.

The Leica M was introduced on September 17 at the “LEICA- DAS WESENTLICHE” event before photokina 2012. It will be available from authorized dealers in early 2013 in a choice of black paint or silver chrome finish.

-Leica Internet Team

To learn more about The Leica M, click here. To learn more about the Leica R-Adapter M, click here.

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  • This camera is an insult to M users. Develop and market your R system for this kind of functionality. The fact that you thought this tech had a home in a M chassis is frankly astounding.

  • it does actually look like a technological masterpiece.

    i personally could not care less for either live-view nor video, and have no R lenses to use, so i will pass.

    however, i do urge all current M9 owners to ‘upgrade’, so that there will be plenty of more affordable used M9s on the market soon!!


  • I feel sad and wish more people would be patient, skillful and thoughtful in the images they create. Only that way does the march of technology not overtake the quality of imagery and distilling of talent to squelch out the mass of imagery noise.

    God I love film… it’s the slow and thoughtful process that makes good art – the effort and simple nature of light on emulsion… the uniqueness of each image… the skill and commitment.

    • Don’t worry, you can still be patient, skilful and thoughtful with the new cameras too…

  • Lovely, clever, bit of kit – but not for me. I am happy sticking to film. I would buy a used M9 if I wanted a digital M, especially if the used values drop in light of the M-E announcement.

  • Amazing — I was not expecting this for at least 3 more generations of digital Leica M cameras. Weather sealing, live view, R lenses and video!?!? Just unbelievable! How do you top this?

  • The Ms have gotten bigger by the years. Prefer the X2 for digital nowadays. Or my old M6 if I want to shoot film.

  • @stefano: If your willing to buy my Leica M9 for €5500, you’ve got a deal. I’m not that eager to reinvest a small fortune for a marginal better M camera (for what I do with it).

  • Too bad, after being a leica fan for 30 years, I will stick to my M5 and MP. A Leica with a live view? now leica users can take photos like everyone with a iphone, hold the camera two feet from your face and click away!!The way its going we can expect a new leica M every year.Its taking on the Apple business model. Sad to see the direction the company is heading.

    • Your film MP has “live view” through the rangefinder. The principle difference with electronic live view is that you can frame an image on any focal length without an accessory viewfinder. How does that make this digital any less of an M camera?

  • OK the M is a great camera, but feel its status will fall against the “E” cut down model, and if prices on the S/H market start to drop on the M8,and M9, it might be worth, hanging round for a nice M9 on the Xdemo stand,!!!
    The Question is Do we really need an M at that price ?

  • I think this is an excellent camera! Great video and informative demonstration by John Dooley given it’s just under 7 minutes long. I could watch a second video showing even more details.

    Well worth the wait!

  • Incredible camera. I feel like I am cheating by lusting after it on my Monochrome but I just need this camera too!

  • M9 tuyet voi nhung chi la mo vi gia cao con chat luong may thi tuyet voi neu co cam on leca chuc thanh cong va phat trien manh

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