Kristian Dowling: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week With The Leica M Monochrom

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  • A lovely series. I think one of the challenges of the Monochrom, that will take time for photographers to meet, is realizing the difference between taking pictures that simply have no colour and those which exploit the range of black / white in their photography.

  • Exactly the type of shots I had in mind when they announced the MM. Some great shots, I particularly like the beam of light going in the direction of the hairspray.

  • FINALLY some pictures that really help understand the true potential of the monochrom!

    i am happy with the BW i am getting from the M8 (and of course on film from my M4), the Monochrom looks fantastic – and priced accordingly 🙁

    thanks for sharing!

  • A couple more things I’d like to say about shooting with the Monochrom, compared to the M9 and converting to B+W.

    Firstly, when you’re shooting in pure B+W only, just as you would with film, your thought process is different, and you can (almost) completely ignore the temptations and distractions that color bring, and focus purely on photographic content and story telling.

    Secondly, I believe it does give back some of the credibility that B+W film users had over colors film users converting. It shows that the photographer was purely shooting and thinking in B+W during the photographic process. While this may not mean much to new digital photographers, old-timers and traditionalists like myself put a lot of value on this factor and was part of my decision-making process when deciding to purchase the M Monochrom.

  • Like Stefano, it’s nice to finally see some good photographs from the Monochrom. I was thinking of canceling my order, but Kristian’s pictures made me change my mind. Now I’m looking forward to getting it.

  • Great to hear that Peter. Only 500 at this stage have been made so who know’s….but you will certainly love this camera if you’re truly into B+W ‘photography’ – and not post-conversion 😉

  • Interesting and informative article. And it is nice to see high quality pictures . Not only because of the technique but also because of the eye of the photographer. It does not happen oft here. Bravo Kristian.

  • I tend not to leave a comment, but I read a bunch of remarks on this page Kristian Dowling:
    Melbourne Spring Fashion Week With The Leica M Monochrom

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