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John Thawley: Automobile Racing Photography

© John Thawley

John Thawley is a photographer who is best known for his automobile racing photography. Thawley travels extensively throughout the year shooting the full schedules of American Le Mans Series, SPEED World Challenge Series and select Grand-Am, and Indy Racing League events. Thawley’s racing images have been featured in print for companies such as Acura, Cadillac, [...]

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David Maurer: Advertising Photographer on the Leica Super-Elmar-S 24 mm f/3.5 ASPH

© David Maurer

“The lens is the new 24mm lens, it’s extremely wide-angled for this type of format and resolution, and that’s really nice, very unusual.” David Maurer is an advertising photographer who specializes in people, landscapes and automobiles. He sometimes works in extreme, cramped conditions that force him to be precise in order to get the contrasts [...]

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Leica. My Life – Laura Kaufmann on her V-Lux 4

© Laura Kaufmann

Our next installment of the “Leica. My Life” series features Laura Kaufmann who studies law and economics while living in Salzburg, Austria. Laura has a passion for classic cars and enjoys both driving and photographing them. She looks for a camera with a good zoom so she can draw her subject close to her. Her [...]

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Bernd Ebsen: Still Life Photographer on the Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH

Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH

“Leica has always been with me, even back when I worked as an assistant, that’s quality.” Bernd Ebsen’s main focus is still life photography done from his studio in Central Hamburg since 1993. In this video, Ebsen describes why tilt-shift lenses are important to what he does. The Leica TS-APO-Elmar-S 120 mm f/5.6 ASPH lens [...]

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f/Egor: Terrible Parables

The Stadivarius and the Punk Rocker © grEGORy simpson

One day, I realized that photo blogs are never written as parables. On the second day, I wrote a pair of parables. On the third day, I read my parables and realized why photo blogs are never written as parables. On the fourth day, I published them anyway… – — – The Mermaid and the [...]

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Jonas Bendiksen and The Leica S

©  Jonas Bendiksen

Jonas Bendiksen, a Norwegian born in 1977, began his career at the age of nineteen as an intern in Magnum’s London office before leaving for Russia to pursue his passion for photojournalism. Over the years much of his work has focused on isolated communities living on the fringes of society. He has received worldwide recognition [...]

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John Dooley: Demonstrating The Leica M

M tutorial 2

John Dooley from the Leica Akademie Mayfair demonstrates the recently introduced The Leica M. Dooley takes to the streets of London to show off the new features of the camera. He highlights everything you need to know about the camera including the use of live view, focus peaking, movies and accessories in this tutorial. A [...]

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The Leica M and Jean Gaumy, Magnum Photographer

© Jean Gaumy

“Because it’s a type of photography with The Leica M which is very different from the reflex viewfinder. And which lets you create photos very differently and intelligently.” Jean Gaumy is an award-winning French photographer and filmmaker. He joined Magnum Photos in 1977 after first being noticed by Marc Riboud and Bruno Barbey at a photography [...]

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Nick Ut: The Amazing Saga And The Image That Helped End The Vietnam War

© Nick Ut

Barely out if his teens, Nick Ut was thrust into the role of combat photographer after the untimely death of his talented brother, a noted actor and AP photojournalist. Here in his own unadorned and eloquent prose is the truly incredible story of how this young Vietnamese photojournalist fortuitously missed getting shot down in a [...]

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We’ll See You in Cologne…Or Online Tonight!

Marius Græsby

On the eve of photokina there may be a flood…of wall posts and tweets coming from our “LEICA – DAS WESENTLICHE” party tonight! If you’ve ever needed an excuse, now is the time to connect with us on our social platforms so you don’t miss any of the festivities and announcements: The event’s [...]

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Nicolas Hermann: Pursuing Emotions In New York City

© Nicolas Hermann

Born and raised in Nice, Nicolas Hermann later moved to Paris at the age of 18. After receiving his baccalaureate, he began a course in language studies, which was interrupted when he pursued a different path, that of a real estate agent. He has now been running his own real estate agency, with a close [...]

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Kristian Dowling: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week With The Leica M Monochrom

© Kristan Dowling

Kristian Dowling is a celebrity-entertainment photography, formerly based in Los Angeles until November 2011 – now residing in Melbourne, Australia. His photographic roots and passion has grown from news, sport and documentary. Kristian is currently conducting Photographic Workshops throughout Australia and Asia named “Seeing the Light.” He has been shooting with Leica M cameras for [...]

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Daniel Milnor: Photographing On His Own Terms

© Daniel Milnor

Daniel Milnor, based out of Southern California and New Mexico, is a former newspaper, magazine and commercial photographer. He now focuses on his own projects, authors a blog and works as a “Photographer at Large” for Blurb, a print-on-demand book publishing company. The interview was conducted by Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe. Q: Hi Daniel, [...]

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David G. SPIELMAN: Isaac vs. Katrina: A Photographer’s Experiences

Katrina You Bitch © David G. Spielman

Las Vegas odds-makers probably never considered the chances of New Orleans being visited by another hurricane seven years later on the very same day! What would those odds be? Who knew Mother Nature was going to be so cruel. As the Tropical Storm Isaac moved slowly through the Gulf of Mexico, two thoughts kept going [...]

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Kai Man Wong: The Man Behind DigitalRev

© Kaiman Wong

Kai Man Wong is the presenter, co-producer, writer of DigitalRev TV – the world’s most subscribed photography channel on YouTube – and a passionate photographer. A lot of the reviews he makes are characterised by the photography that takes place on the streets of Hong Kong. Eric Kim, a contributor to the Leica blog, interviews him. [...]

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