• Nice write up on one of my favorite lenses for the R bodies. One of the true greats of lens design.

  • My first time discovery into Leica camera. Such a wonderful information. The 180mm f/3.4 APO-Telyt-R is so attractive. I think I will choose this model for my next camera ^-^.

  • I have the lens and love it. I am using it with a Nikon D800 these days. Are you confident there will be soon a Leica digital body allowing the use of R glass? I had given up….

  • Why would one use an R-Lens on an EVIL-Camera if there are ways to use it on DSLR-Bodies?

    Electronic viewfinders, in my point of view, detach the photographer from the world, like someone watching TV.

    And all that technical data, that is overlaying the picture inside the frame, instead of in a seperate display under or besides the picture like in real DSLR/SLR cameras is even more distracting and reminds me of the Terminator movies…

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