“Searching for West”: The Online Premiere

The film “Searching for West” made its live theatrical debut on August 16 in Bozeman, MT. Today, August 22, marks its official online release for worldwide viewing.  The film was inspired by Mark Seacat’s desire to serve as husband, father and hunter as the three converged at the same time: his son West was born 10 days before archery season began. The film features Seacat as he tries to balance the demands of new fatherhood with hunting season.  Seacat says in the film about hunting “it’s a way that I found where I can connect Mother Nature and a world that’s simple, a world that’s pretty easy.”

In the film, Seacat uses a wide range of Leica equipment on his hunting expeditions. Leica partnered with “Searching for West,” and offered a Leica Geovid 10×42 HD to a lucky winner as part of a giveaway to promote the film. To see the winner, who was also announced today, and learn more about the film, visit the official “Searching for West” website. You can also read our original interview with Mark Seacat  here.

-Leica Internet Team

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  • Stephan-

    No animals were harvested during the hunting season. I hunted over 60 days but never filled my tag. I hunted two specific bulls and couldn’t ever get the perfect opportunity to harvest them.

  • I’ve been looking for the last couple hours for the titles of some of the songs used in your film. Specifically the one during the scene where you and your wife are playing with West in the snow on his sled and in the swings. If you have a list of the songs used I’m sure many people would love it if you could share it. Thanks for making this film it was very well done!

  • Sorry, slipped my mind to check the credits, Still a great movie and congratulations on the baby!

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