Facing Change: Documenting America – Anthony Suau

“Telling the story is really what we want to do, and that’s the fundamental idea behind everything that we’re doing – it’s really being able to tell these stories that are going on out there and address these issues.”

A nonprofit collective of dedicated photojournalists and writers came together to explore America and to build a forum to chart its future. They called the final project, “Facing Change: Documenting America”, and drew inspiration from the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression, which documented the various issues facing the nation at that time through the people the issues were affecting.

In this video, photographer, Pulitzer Prize winner and President and acting Chief Operating Officer of FCDA, Anthony Suau, talks about the Leica sponsored project and how his involvement in it gave him a better understanding of how people from all different walks of life are being affected by the today’s issues. One story in particular, that really stood out to Suau, is that of a boxing gym in inner-city Cleveland and 26-year-old boxer, Delorean Gray. Through the boxing club, Suau was able to view Gray’s world and that of his family and friends in a more intimate way. It revealed to him the economic situation of many people in this country that is invisible or ignored by many others.

-Leica Internet Team

To learn more about the project, visit facingchange.org and to watch the video, “Fighting Back – Cleveland’s Inner City Boxing” (which focuses on Delorean Gray), click here

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  • touching and beautiful in the tradition of the Farm Administration and all the great photographers who with their heart documented a time in history which you are now doing. so very memorable and now a part of your history which you are sharing with others.

  • What a great film and program. Fantastic to hear that the library of congress got behind their work and gave some recognition to a nearly “invisible tragedy.”

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