• Nice job Carl, I still have my M6TTL the first Leica engraved with the words “Solms, Germany”. The Leica rondel logo appears in black instead of the normal red. Six hundred and fifty were made with the .72 viewfinder, new and in the box…

  • Still have my Leica M6 Classic that I purchased in 1983 and a Leica CL in 1975.
    Almost like it best of all.
    I also have two Leica IIIf’s honoring my grandfather’s affair with his Leica.
    The M9 is for me has been OK, but the M10 promises to be even better.
    That’s the Leica way.
    Chucks! The old film cameras still have their place.
    Let’s keep buying and using Leicas. Our grandfathers would approve.

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