Thomas Bönig: Following Up with the “Thomas does NYC” Project

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  • “…unique photographic project: capturing “decisive moments” in New York City with his Leica M9…”

    I am not that sure this photographic project is that unique. It’s not unheard of that people go to New York with their camera (Leica cameras and others) to capture “decisive moments”.

  • Leica needs to stop pretending that they are still behind photojournalists. Look at who your market was during the Vietnam era, and look who they are now. I doubt there were many doctors and movie stars trudging thru the jungles.

  • “Decisive moment” normally involve UN posed images of people in motion. ?
    what Im seeing here is fairly static images, mostly posed and reasonable well composed.

    But unique.? Hardly.

    And i say that with all the love and care for Leica M photography possible from a 25 year professional with multiple M cameras. There is not a morning in NY where at least one photographer with a M camera step of the train at central station to “do New York”.! welcome to the club.

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