Announcing the Leica Oskar Barnack Award Winners of 2012

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  • Unfortunately the competition was only for Pro’s. I m not one, yet have been in the past. So that left some of us out

    Congrats to the winners

  • Congrats to Mr.Hallam Day and Mr. Zbierski. To have ones hard work and struggle cumulate in this award must be the greatest feeling in the world. Look forward to seeing where this honor catapults you next!

  • this is a crashing disappointment was hoping something that would be inspiring & truly amazing.. i will stop buying leica all together this day forward too.

  • @ Kurt Grung

    Don’t give too much on awards – “art” is always questionable and even the nobel prize highly political and subjective. Just go out with your Leica and do it for yourself. In the end, if it isn’t rewarding for yourself it isn’t worth anything whatever the others think.

  • Congrats guys! Keeping in mind that the contest looks for the relationship of man and the environment, Frank’s work is intriguing and spot on. That connection is less obvious in Piotr’s work but that should be part of the joy, looking for the less obvious connections. I love the contrast in styles in these two projects.

  • Really disappointed in Leica with this selection of winners.
    In the past photographers such as Sebastiao Salgado won this award.
    How do these photographs represent Leica, and Leica photographers?

  • @Matthias

    i totally agree with what you have said 100% (and thats exactly what i do, i only take photos for myself & no one else and i dont care what anyone thinks). but as far as i am concerned i was really looking forward to seeing who they would select as the winner as i was sure they would have been an amazing photographer..

  • @Bill Crandall

    Wow! You are quite an exceptional photographer sir! Some of your images such as the girl and the soldiers are so perfectly composed.

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