Leica. My Life – Alexander George

The latest video in the “Leica. My Life” series features Alexander George, a customer service representative at Leica Camera AG. Alexander repairs cameras and replaces parts for customers – a very precise job. When he’s off the clock, Alexander is often found Thai boxing.  He has figured out a way to combine his love for Thai boxing and his work with Leica: using his Leica V-Lux 40 he photographs other boxers practicing, exercises in Thai training camps, boxing championships and moments while traveling in Thailand. The result is a marriage of his work and his passion for Thai boxing, both aspects of his life helping to better understand and strengthen the other.

Because he works with cameras and lenses, Alexander understands the interconnections and how an image is made, so it’s no surprise, he became interested in developing his own photography skills. Both in the ring or at work, concentration and precision are required – two characteristics that are also reflected in Alexander’s approach to photography.

“Precision is crucial; we’re talking a few thousandths of a millimeter- just a few millimeters that are critical and have a profound effect on image quality,” he says.

So, whether he’s competing in a Thai boxing match or repairing a Leica camera lens, Alexander handles both with great concentration and an artful technique.

-Leica Internet Team

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  • I enjoy and hope you continue this series Leica.My Life. Always interesting.

  • I am getting a v lux 40 in the next few days. Is it really that good? is it equipped to freeze motion shots? Would love to have your output.

  • A very interesting video showing the sport and his work, plus how these can be combined. Great rapport between the combatants and the sense that they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, free from the pressure of competition.

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