Mr. Hoveeto: Pushing Beauty Out of Chaos

Join Parisian photographer, Mr. Hoveeto, as he takes us on a walk through the streets of Paris with the new Leica X2. His photography style is that of an observer: he watches people and catches moments through his lens. Mr. Hoveeto wasn’t always a photographer, though. Only after the birth of his children did photography became a form of expression and more than just simply taking photographs for the sake of taking them.

While street photography can be seen as a solitary experience, Mr. Hoveeto sees photographing people, even as an observer, as a social activity. He finds beauty in the chaos. The X2 is the perfect “stealth” camera, quiet and compact for him as he drifts between crowds. Mr. Hoveeto says, “It is often said that the best camera is the one you always have with you.”

– Leica Internet Team

To view more of Mr. Hoveeto’s work, visit his website and Flickr stream.


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  • He has some fantastic work, his flickr stream is outstanding, now I want the X2, perfect size for unobtrusive street work.

  • hi!

    the evf and flah unit from Leica Dlux 5 works also for leica x2?



  • HI.

    Pls tell me, does X2 have longer exposure time tan 30sec??? that is the thing slowing me down from buying x2….. I did sand same question two times to Leica but newer get any answer…..

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