Arrivals and Departures with Jacob Aue Sobol: Episode 3 – The Train

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  • I can only assume an orange or red filter was used to produce the beautifully exposed prints. Truly extraordinary. Your compositions are some of the best I’ve ever seen in my many years as a photographer. I;m truly impressed.

  • Hi Jacob!
    I’m following your project with great interest. I’v been traveling a lot by train in Russia and Ukraine myself and as a photographer I really enjoy it. It was a pity that your train was almost empty of people as your intention was to make stories from the compartments. But why don’t you just show us some pictures of the environment on this ghost train…? And the conductor and how he performs his daily job on the train…? And that single mother with her child…? Jacob, I’m still looking forward to see your train story. I wish you good luck further on your adventure:) Morten K, Norway

  • Greetings from India! I am also following your project with great interest. I hope you will come to India someday to do a project like this. We have insanely long routes too. I can assure you the trains will NOT be empty and you WILL be able to jump out and interact with people 🙂

  • Probably the most influential piece of work I have seen since, well, forever. Wonderful, mysterious.

    Stunning. Such a personal style that resonates through the series.

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