We’re Out of Town Today…in Berlin!

Dear Leica Readers and Friends,

We’re interrupting our regular blog post schedule today because the Internet Team is preparing for the “LEICA – DAS WESENTLICHE” event taking place tonight in Berlin.

Leica is celebrating the essence of the art of photography: ‘Das Wesentliche’, the essential element of a moment in time. While many Leica photographers, guests and media will be in Germany’s capital city, we invite you to join the celebration online. The event begins at 4:45PM GMT / 6:45 PM CEST. The event’s official hashtag we’ll be using on Twitter is #may10.

Until tonight…

-The Leica Internet Team

If you’ve needed an excuse, now is the time to follow Leica Camera on Twitter (@leica_camera) or “Like” us on Facebook. The event hashtag is #may10.

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  • Move on, nothing to see here. Leica are wasting out time. I bet in a years time that the M9M will have a lower resale value than the M9. The X2 is a slightly upgraded X1 and the 50mm is at a crazy price point.

    No M10 – on May 10th
    No S3 – OK, the S2 seems to be a great camera

    Do I sound disappointed?

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