David English: Stillness in Time

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  • I couldn’t agree more. The words David used to describe the beauty of a 35mm focal length is spot on. I too have played with 50mm focal length and even 85mm for pretty much everyday shooting. Finally, I realized that 35mm is the perfect focal length for me. I shoot with Leica X1 (which is 35mm fixed focal length) and have always gotten my favorite shots with it, comparing to other shots from a DSLR.

    Phenomenal photographs! I especially like the “Cosmopolitan Lobby #2” and the way David described it.

  • Thank you for your interesting and helpful evaluation of the 35 -lux. I too use the X1 for the moment but hope to get the Leica M. I’m still swaying between 35 lux and cron as first lens. Of course the cron is fantastic but the lux seems to really stand out. Hmmm.

  • I prefer the 50mm focal length much more. It takes much better portraits, has better bokeh, and has less distortion and more pleasing compression. For me 35mm is too wide for pleasing portraits but too narrow for good landscapes. It’s a good focal length for street/casual/snapshot photography. That’s why it’s the focal length that’s on most phones/p&s cameras.

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