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Kike Calvo: Documenting Indigenous Cultures with Compassion

© Kike Calvo

Kike Calvo is an outstanding photographer with a diverse body of work. After spending five years studying Economics in his home city of Zaragoza, Spain and then acquiring a B.S in Journalism and Mass Communication, he went on to devote his 21-year-long career to photography. Kike has traveled to 75 different countries covering stories for National [...]

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Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2012: Now Accepting Entries!

Oskar Barnack

The Leica Oskar Barnack Award, named for the inventor of the Leica, will be presented for the 33rd time this year. Leica Camera AG hands out two awards as part of this competition. The Leica Oskar Barnack Award is given to a current professional photographer who will receive a Leica M9-P camera with lens worth approximately [...]

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Preedee Ponchevin: Documenting The Deluge, Part One

© Preedee Ponchevin

An aspiring Bangkok native tells the unforgettable story of his passion for photography and how he used his newfound skills and a Leica M6 to document a national disaster. “My name is Preedee Ponchevin, but you can call me Dave. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, I have a graduate degree in electrical engineering and [...]

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Jason Schneider: Rennaisance Man on a Motorcycle

jason crop

Happy 70th Birthday to a long-time Leica friend and enthusiast Jason Schneider! “…glad you were able to shorten the piece to meet your requirements. Now if you will kindly e-mail an order of sauerbraten mit kartoffel pfankuchen from Deutschland I would be most appreciative. Best regards, Jason” June 19, 2007 Tomorrow is a very special [...]

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You’re Invited to Join the New Leica Hunting and Birding Communities

Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival 2012

In our effort to continuously improve our relationship with friends, customers and enthusiasts, we are excited to announce two new online spaces dedicated to our sport optics customers: the Leica Hunting and Leica Birding communities. The new Leica Hunting and Leica Birding pages launched February 1 on Facebook. The original Leica Sport Optics page has been transformed into Leica Hunting [...]

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Carl Merkin: Selective Focus and the Leica Look

© Carl Merkin

On a visit to Leica in Solms I spoke with Peter Karbe, head of lens development. He made a point of the fact that Leica lenses are designed to produce their very best performance even when used wide open and he encouraged the use of the lenses without stopping down. It is referred to as [...]

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