Ming Thein: A Shooter’s Review of the 35/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH FLE

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  • i got rid of my 35mm summicron “bokeh king” version last year to finance my m9 and missing it like crazy!! not just focal length but it’s small, smooth focusing. i disagree that 35mm is “no man’s land” and it’s more cinematic than the 50mm. the 35mm is the story-telling lens as i can tell from your pictures but each to their own. I found 28mm and wider too wide and wasn’t using them enough compared to the 35mm. So i have gone for the 35mm summicron asph…

  • The Summicron ASPH is also an excellent choice. As fr as fields of view are concerned, each to his own…I have friends here who can’t use anything below 85mm, and yet others who consider 21mm normal.

  • Hello Ming Thean, I really enjoy your blog. After years on a FM2, and putting money towards a Leica, I’m going to buy my very first Leica…the Leica M and I want to start on just one Leica M lens, the 35mm.

    Should I get the Summilux or or Summicron? …i think between is only one stop so is not a too big a difference for me to shoot street photography …any suggestion?

    Besides, I am so torn between a Black or Chrome Model. I have had my FM 2 for years, and it is in perfect chrome condition….

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