Kai Löffelbein: UNICEF Photograph of the Year Award Winner

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  • thank you so much for the images and the great story (it should make us think twice when we are checking out that shiny new computer in the window…).

    this is what photography is about, sharing great stories through images; (sadly) life is not all about pretty people, flowers, and nice landscapes, there is a whole reality out there that we can’t -or do not want to- see.

    thanks leica for not wasting today’s blog on yet another child who has been taking pictures for 5 minutes and is lead to believe he is so great, we have got enough of those already!

  • I 100% agree what stefano says, great images and story and a lot to think about. An high level post here. In real life are nice things and dramas. We should know and remember both of them. And photography helps.

  • Deserving winner of the UNICEF Photograph of The Year, and great photojournalism. I spent may years in Sub-Saharan Africa and have witnessed the impact of this social and health dilema. Thanks to UNICEF and Mr. Loffelbein for bringing awareness to these issues.

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