Alvise Zambon: The Shape of New York

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  • New York is a subject which has been done to death. Unfortunately, I don’t think these photographs add anything to what’s already been done.

  • Nice pictures. I like 1, 7 and 12. I was in NYC two months ago and it´s a city that grabs you… For those who love photography and city, it´s THE PLACE…

  • Alvise has a lot of good points of view philosophically speaking.The forma mentis is something very important, I agree.
    But I think the photos don’t say the same. They are more and more images of the same subjects : Chinatown,skyscrapers,restaurants,crosswalks…etc.
    I live in NY now ,and I find very hard to find a new way of seeing this over photographed city too.
    And I tell to myself,that is time to follow Wim Wenders advice : “Get out of the grid”.
    Keep trying Alvise,I’ll do the same.Keep using film and Leica,because is a very good way to be in touch with your feelings.

  • Nowhere can ever be over photographed, life and are surroundings are constantly changing , its how we view it.

    The beauty I see in an image or emotion I feel is most likely different to what the next person may feel.
    Neither is right or wrong its just that different things appeal to different people. If we all saw the same things or like the same things life would be boring.
    Constantly keep stretching your imagination and above all just enjoy taking the pictures,
    Nice to see another photographers take on this amazing city of New York

  • The photos are workmanlike.
    They are not special.
    Art classes don’t translate into better seeing!
    Nice phrases are cute. Seeing is everything.
    A city so vibrant is very difficult to portray.
    It is elusive.
    Look at Saul Leiter’s work.
    One has to go below the simple capture.
    The author spoke of difficulty of “doing” his own city..
    Take time, allow the senses to explore.
    Lose most of your equipment..Get one lens,one body,one film.Walk till you cry.
    If film costs get out of hand, go digital.
    Yes! Yes! I like your photos and blog.

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