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Farewell 2011 and Thank You for a Great Year!

Danny MacAskill Cape Town

Dear Leica Readers and Friends, Thank you for a great year! This will be the last blog post for 2011 and regular publishing will resume on Monday, January 2, 2012. The Leica Internet Team will be on holiday next week, but the wait will be worth it because we have a lot of great content in [...]

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Raymond Phang: Christmas Time in Singapore

© Raymond Phang

Singapore-born Photographer Raymond Phang was still a student when the photography bug hit him like a deadly disease. He was never cured and instead got further poisoned during his National Service days when he was tasked with photographing various events. After he completed National Service, he dived straight into photography and had never since looked [...]

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Lara Platman: Harris Tweed

Scenes from Scotland and the Outer Hebrides © Lara Platman

Lara Platman, photographer and author, spent seven months on the Isles of Harris and Lewis in Scotland working on the publication “Harris Tweed: From Land to Street” (Frances Lincoln Publishing). Here she allows us to take a look into her diary hidden behind her photographs. It is one thing producing a book about the world’s [...]

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David English: Radiant Light

The Carpenter © David English

What makes a great lens? Some photographers want an all-purpose lens with the widest possible zoom range. Others want the fastest lens possible for capturing photos in the dimmest of light. In the end, all that really matters is image quality. I had a chance recently to try out the new Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4 [...]

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f/Egor: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Light and Shadow

I photograph people. On the streets and in public places, my eye and my camera keep a vigilant lookout for the little nuances that help define what it means to be human. Because of this somewhat curious behaviour, I’ve been cursed at, chased and threatened, yet I don’t resent when these street confrontations occur. They’re [...]

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Facing Change: Documenting America – Debbie Fleming Caffery

Willie; Mound Bayou, Bolivar County, Mississippi July 20, 2011

A Collaboration Begins Earlier this year we announced our collaboration with Facing Change: Documenting America (FCDA), a non-profit collective of prominent photographers and writers dedicated to exploring the United States during one of the most enduring times in the nation’s history. We will be featuring a series of independently produced multimedia essays that will highlight the personal [...]

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Kai Wiesinger: Wunderkinder

Wunderkinder © Kai Wiesinger

Kai Wiesinger, a German actor, inherited his love of photography from his father who worked as a reporter. During the filming of his latest movie “Wunderkinder”, which premiered on October 6th of this year, Kai worked on both sides of the camera, acting in the film and documenting the production from behind the lens of [...]

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Jens Franke: 100 Days

Perfect weather to start the tour in Niederdorla, Thuringia © 2011 Jens Franke

Jens Franke recently completed a 100-day hike through Germany, accompanied (almost) only by Aiko, his husky, and his Leica M9. He has documented his trek in fascinating pictures and published them in his blog. These photographs have triggered great enthusiasm. And we were excited too. Especially considering Jens walked all the way to our offices in Solms [...]

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Viva Varun: In Cape Town!

Signal Hill and the Lion's Head dominate the skyline at sunset.

Answer to “Where am I?”: Cape Town, South Africa Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly on the blog, Facebook and Twitter: Garrett, Ray, Andre, Alain, S. Rai, Dan, Michael, Seb, Sebastian, Axel, Paul, Wanda, Niklas, Carol, Margreet, Jerome, Peter, Philipp, Marco, Christian and Konstantin. There are many lists dedicated to “Wonders of the World” from Ancient [...]

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Viva Varun: Where is He Now?

Viva Varun: Where is He Now?

Varun’s on the go, with his Leica D-Lux 5 in tow dropping out of the blue, with one photo and one clue where in the world could he be – do you know? Answer on Facebook, Twitter or below. Tomorrow your misery will be put to rest. For today take your best guess. Here is [...]

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Between the [frame] Lines: Minimalism

© Matt Borkowski

Matt Borkowski is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer focused on minimalism and environmental portraiture. Matt is currently pursuing printed publication, exhibition, and commissioned opportunities. His extensive artistic background includes work in graphic and web design, fashion, and literature. An element that I try to incorporate into my work is minimalism. I don’t necessarily mean that I’m going [...]

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Leica. My Life – Iouri Podladtchikov

Taken by Iouri Podladtchikov

Picture a 23-year-old Russian living in Switzerland and working as a professional showboarder. Then imagine somebody who’s also madly in love with photography. And now try to merge these two characters together. Not possible? Well allow us to introduce Iouri Podladtchikov. Q: Iouri, as the story goes, your were born in Russia but spent most [...]

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Leica. My Life – Max Malatesta

Taken by Max Malatesta with the Leica X1

Capturing movement in a picture is an insane paradox which most of us wouldn’t even try to crack. Not so for Max Malatesta. The 41-year-old actor takes on this challenge, relying on only one true companion: his Leica X1. Q: Max, first and foremost, tell us a bit about yourself and your job. A: Well, [...]

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Leica & Magnum: The Spirit Lives Here by Bruce Gilden

The Spirit Lives Here

In our latest photo essay made in collaboration with Magnum Photos, we follow Bruce Gilden to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Bruce Gilden first traveled to Haiti in 1984 and made 19 trips over the course of 10 years, culminating in his book titled, quite simply, “Haiti”. In February and March 2010, he went back to Port-au-Prince to [...]

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Alvise Zambon: The Shape of New York

Alvise Zambon

An emerging young photographer who studied the History of Photography from the University of Padua, Italy, Alvise Zambon assigned himself the formidable task of capturing the heart of New York City in a portfolio of images that combine the genres of photojournalism and fine art photography. “For this reportage I worked with my Leica M6 to [...]

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