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Kaushal Parikh: Breaking Free from Banking

© Kaushal Parikh

Kaushal Parikh describes himself as an ex-banker turned street photographer. He has shot street photography seriously for the last three years, drawing inspiration from Magnum photographers, as well as members from the In-Public collective. After shooting in what he describes as a bubble, he is in the process of building up an online/offline street photography community [...]

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Gigi Stoll: A Journey Like No Other (From Both Sides of The Camera)

Orient Express-Peru 2011 © Gigi Stoll

We first met Gigi Stoll in New York City when we featured her as part of our Leica Portrait video series, then she sent us Letter from Kenya and now we find Gigi on the Orient-Express traveling through Europe and Peru. I went on an audition in June for the Orient-Express. My agent told me that the [...]

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Robert Callway: The Great Guitars of Alister Atkin

"Fret Measuring", Leica M9/Summicron 50mm © Bob Callway

This is a guest post by Robert Callway, who has his own production company Nilsfilm, which produces corporate promos and documentaries. Also a cameraman and occasional photographer, Robert has shot a number of prime-time award winning C4/BBC documentaries including this year’s C4′s “Battlefront” (Digital Emmy) and BBC’s “Remembrance-A Sikh Story” (RTS Award). As you head [...]

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Matthew Grey: A Passionate Environmental Warrior

Matt Grey on the water front in Altamira, Brazil. Taken by David de Rothschild.

Matthew Grey is one of the prime movers at MYOO, a remarkable organization dedicated to bringing people together to protect the planet: going on excellent adventures to document imperiled regions, getting the word out to motivate pro-environmental action and having a lot of fun while doing lots of hard work. MYOO gets it unusual name [...]

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Claire Atkinson: Engulfed by Istanbul

© Claire Atkinson

We had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Atkinson, a budding, young British photographer, here on the Leica blog last December. Born and raised in a small village in Greater Manchester, Claire has always been drawn to the diversity of city life, which was a stark contrast to the monotony of life in her home environment. [...]

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f/Egor: Impressions of a Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH Lens

One for Lee Friedlander

Many people assume that writing product reviews is all ice cream and pony rides. After all, who among us wouldn’t desire free use of the latest, shiniest wonder-widget for a week or two? So when I tell you that Leica lent me their new 21mm Super-Elmar-M f/3.4 ASPH for review purposes, you’re excused for concluding [...]

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Viva Varun: In Madeira!

One of the oldest rum factories on the island. Where there's sugar cane, there's rum!

Answer to “Where am I?” : I am on the volcanic island of Madeira. Congratulations to everyone who answered correctly on the blog, Facebook and Twitter: Ray, Matthijs, Michael, Mark, Jonathan, Gopi and Kevin. The Black Scabbardfish or Espada Preta is the favoured fish dish in Madeira, which is the largest island in an archipelago. It [...]

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Viva Varun: Where is He Now?

Viva Varun: Where is He Now?

Varun’s on the go, with his Leica D-Lux 5 in tow dropping out of the blue, with one photo and one clue where in the world could he be – do you know? Answer on Facebook, Twitter or below. Tomorrow your misery will be put to rest. For today take your best guess. Here is [...]

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Radhika Gupta: Place2be New York

Neue Gallery and Bookshop © Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta is the Creative Director at MoonRiver, an e-commerce store for bespoke artwork, home accessories, jewelry and textiles from around the world. Having received a law degree from King’s College in London, and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University, Radhika combines her love for travel and design with her work, showcasing the world through [...]

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Between the [frame] Lines: Venice


Matt Borkowski is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer focused on minimalism and environmental portraiture. His extensive artistic background includes work in graphic and web design, fashion and literature. To most, Venice is a world of mystery. Almost instinctively, images of winding canals, narrow alley ways and gondolas rush through people’s minds. To be honest, I [...]

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Alex Coghe: The Los Angeles Chronicles

© Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe is an Italian photojournalist currently based in Mexico City whose professional activity ranges from editorial photography to events. This article is an extract for the Leica Camera Blog from the diary written in Los Angeles. I was the only Italian in this international competition dedicated to street photography. And this is a milestone in [...]

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Julia Kaganskiy: Place2be New York

© Julia Kaganskiy

Julia Kaganskiy lives and breathes all things art and technology. She is Global Editor for The Creators Project, a new initiative from VICE and Intel dedicated to showcasing the ways technology is enabling creativity. She’s also the founder and organizer of the Arts, Culture and Technology (#ArtsTech) meetup and co-founder of Blue Box Gallery. Fast Company Magazine [...]

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LOOK3 Guest Series: Blow Up

© Peter Earl McCollough

One of the things I love about street photography is going home and finding people, things and situations in my photos I didn’t notice initially. There’s almost always dirty looks, strange socks, pretty earrings, people arguing in the distance or, my favorite, people staring back at me with unease. When I come across these things [...]

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Kristen McGinnis: Place2be New York


Originally from North Carolina, Kristen McGinnis fostered her creative eye in the prestigious visual arts program at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Her passion led her to New York where she studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design. She broke into the interior design industry with a senior position at a top [...]

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Jonathan Mannion: Urban Legend

Notorious BIG

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Jonathan Mannion began capturing images of up-and-coming urban music superstars after working for a year with world-renowned photographer Richard Avedon. In 1996, he launched his professional career by shooting the photographs for the classic hip-hop album “Reasonable Doubt” by Jay-Z. In the years since, Jonathan’s photography has grown alongside the culture [...]

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