David English: The Versatile 24 Lux

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  • I have to agree. I had the pleasure of shooting the 24 Summilux at a recent Leice Akademie. An incredible and amazingly versatile lens on the M9. This and a fast 50 are about all one needs.

  • I was hesitant when I purchased the 24 Elmarit for my M9. Not because it was “only” 2.8, but because I’ve always chosen a more traditional path with my Leica system 21, 28, 35, etc. However, after many months of shooting the 24 has become one of my favorite lenses due to it’s extreme versatility in a variety of shooting situations as well as an insane degree of sharpness across the entire field. Switching back and forth from focus to viewfinder has never been an issue. Plus, given the great depth of field with the lens stopped down, it’s often unnecessary to even use the rangefinder. Just set the lens to f/8 or more, zone focus and shoot away.

  • Thanks David. There are some great photos here and particularly love Dark Beast. It’s pretty amazing how far you can stretch the field of view, I sometimes have trouble filling a cohesive image with my 28 Elmarit so I can recognize the skill you have in pulling it off. Even though they are slightly different lengths I’d like to see it compared with the new Super Elmar 21mm as I’m really drawn to that lens after seeing it in the most recent issue of LFI.

  • There are very nice (and different) photos here. I like very much the Bellagio Atrium because of its natural looking perspective. and the Luxor Walls because of the dark atmosphere. But the photos are all good, these are just my personal tastes

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