Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown: The Making of

Thank you to everyone who played along as Danny rode through Cape Town, South Africa. After exploring a new playground on his bike, Danny takes a break for an interview to share his experience of riding through Cape Town and what he thinks about the new Leica V-Lux 30. You can follow Danny’s journey through Cape Town, see his 360° jumps and other pro trials riding in one of the most beautiful cities in the world at bit.ly/goplayLeica.

Congratulations to the winners of the new Leica V-Lux 30 including Alexandre Roubaud of France and Antônio Soletti of Brazil. For more information on the new Leica V-Lux 30, visit v-lux30.leica-camera.com and go play!

Hint: Did you watch the whole video?

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  • Does anyone know what song starts at around 50 seconds into the video? It’s a great summer song i think.

  • Leica Internet Team

    @Rick There were three winners, but we only had two confirmed at the time the post went up so we only mentioned those two. Sorry for the confusion.

    @Hans The sound design was done by Gino Riccitelli
    and here are all the songs used:

    Riccitelli – Move on
    Riccitelli – Friday
    Faybuse – Long Way

    I believe Friday is the one you’re talking about. You can find them all on iTunes if you’d like to blast it all summer (I certainly wouldn’t blame you): itunes.apple.com/​de/​artist/​riccitelli/​id436142211

    Hope that helps!


  • simply amazing Video, the whole series of teasers ant making of was really inspiring =) Chilly Acustic soundtrack is Great to say at least! (‘move on’ piece is outstanding)..

    I’m pretty sure I will try and eventually buy this camera (sadly no money for m9 yet =( so way more affordible model will be nice for introducing myself to Leica products.

    Once more, amazing blog – great articles =) and impatiantly looking forward for more stuff from Your team!!!


  • What was the camera used to film this? I thought it was the V lux-30 but at the 1.05 mark the camera shown is not the Leica advertised?

  • “and what he thinks about the new Leica V-Lux 30”

    He didn’t say a thing about that, not that he would care about an overpriced Panasonic rebadge anyway.

    The whole video was an utterly pointless exercise, made for and liked only by the Leica sycophants that frequent this blog.

    What’s the correlation between a crap point and shoot and bike riding anyway? It certainly wasn’t shot on one nor does it feature in the video at all.

    Take the last 10 seconds out of the main video and it’s a sub par extreme sports video. Danny is capable of much better riding, and the filming extremely weak.

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