Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown: The game begins.

We followed Danny MacAskill on his journey of discovery through one of the most beautiful cities in the world. See Cape Town with different eyes – those of a street trials pro rider. The remarkable talent that has won him millions of YouTube fans. His success is also the result of his philosophy: from the very start, the most important thing for Danny was the pure joy of riding. For him, the city is one enormous playground. Go play with Danny MacAskill. It’s your choice: Where should he go next? Watch the video, vote and win the new Leica camera.

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  • Help!! My “youngest” Leica is the R4!! I need a new one badly!! Thanks for your consideration…


  • I was happy to find that I’m not with the majority. Down the stairs sounds worse but with some imagination, it beats going up the wall hands down 🙂

  • My youngest leica is a IIIf. I’ve never even played with a digital leica ;_;

  • I love my D-Lux 4 and my M8 but an M9 would really bring out the best in the Leica lenses I have…

  • Congratulations Danny and Leica! This is an excellent video as well as the idea of internet user interaction.

  • Love Danny’s stuff, seen a lot of his videos on the web over the past few years. I’ve always aspired to own a Leica one day, such a wonderful image and history capturing heritage. Been a lover of Magnum’s work too and the special relationship that Leica has had with them over the decades.

  • Is there sth. wrong with the voting? I can’t submit my vote… I’m using FF 3.6.12

    • Leica Internet Team

      Hi Martin! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the voting. Make sure you’ve filled out all of the fields in the form and checked off on the Terms of Use. You must be at least 18 years of age and use a valid email address. If you meet those requirements and are still having trouble, try using a different web browser. Hope that helps! ~Biana

  • Leica Internet Team

    To those of you who asked about the music. There were a few different songs used. They are:
    Riccitelli – Move on
    Riccitelli – Friday
    Faybuse – Long Way

  • New Danny MacAskill video = Plus
    Doing it with Leica = Big Plus
    Lame “user interaction” voting mechanic getting in the way = HUGE MINUS

    It’s simple. Make a great video, with great content and share it. It will do the work for you. Forget this voting nonsense. Please.

  • Absolute stunning photography, welcome to Cape Town Danny. We hope you will enjoy your stay in our beautiful city.

    Christopher Barends
    Cape Town, South Africa

  • When have my Leica iii in my hands I see a different world and way of seeing things and perspectives this is because of my Leica iii being a grand piece of German heritage and and a huge leap forward in engineering which has revolutionised photography and has created photography to be what it is today. Thank you for making such excellent cameras Leica.

  • ive looked everywhere for the music its not on youtube i am in love with this music, is there anyway of sending it to me?

  • Should go up the wall, then tailwhip and jump over the stairs 😀

  • Willoughby, mate have you heard of iTunes just did a quick search and found move on

  • has to be up the wall, will be interesting rather then a 180 tire tap at the top, to a backwards 180 out, or 360

    on the wall theres so much more possibilities for him

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