Dan Boulton: Southbank

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  • I shot successfully with the M6 TTL for years, until it became too cumbersome to do newspaper work- the waiting to develop, burn cd’s and then finally after hours (or in some cases days) would go by.. waiting, while my peers would get the shot.
    I’ve taken that magnificent 50mm F2 Summicron and coupled it to the M8. True the lens is no longer a true 50mm and I’d love a 35, but it works fine for photojournalism.
    Your work is evocative and powerful. Nice job!

  • Hey Dan!

    havent read your story yet
    at first I have to admit that I know the person in your first shot from below.
    He`s austrian, and I know him very well.
    Thomas “Krusty” Schmidt. haha so special.

    now I will read it….

  • dan….wicked mate. i know some of the skaters that have graced the southbank in the past like winstan whitter

    nice to see shots that are not all super wide-angle.

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