• I think that this is an excellent idea and shows how Dr. Kaufmann likes photography. Congratulations to everybody involved in this agreement.Best wishes
    Joaquim Afonso Malato de Sousa

  • It can not be in other way. Best agency with best cameras…

  • Looking forward to each and every installment. A brilliant gift to the photography community for which full accolades are in order.

  • Hopefully that collaboration can solve the technical problems of the M9.. After one year I am on my second camera which had the sensor replaced twice. And don’t forget to work on the sealing of the camera as well..

  • It is great news! It’s not an easy time for either,Leica or Magnum. The future will be very different! Magnum needs to see a way where their wonderful images can be seen, enjoyed, savored and studied.Maybe an internet magazine?
    So far Leica is not moving fast enough..Sure economically a good year but there are strong competitors out there.The S2 lacks serious functions and is outplayed in price by the coming Pentax. The Leica M9 needs a re-think.Fuji 100 shows the way, though really poorly. No interchangeable lenses.
    Leica needs to design & build a simple box with a really clear viewfinder,like the M2. Repeat M2. The M3 would be best but need a lens that is internal to make the 50mm frame to 28mm rather than 35mm. I use Leicas and my M6 viewfinder sucks! The M3 still my favorite after 45+years.
    No really long lenses,the 90mm fine. Ya gotta have VIDEO.
    I’m going on a month shoot to Southern Africa, mainly people and not taking my M’s for the first time! I shall use small digicams..the Minolta-600 6mp,Canon Power-shot S590 and a really low end Kodak with Rochester sensor.
    Leica for me was always about size, not aspheric lenses.
    I am not alone! In time the iPad will be a functioning camera. One will add a lens system to that. Wireless probably.
    Look forward to your partnership.

  • I watched the Video of Leica and Magnum, It`s such a inspiration.Their match is like body and soul perfectly match each other.They are not simply a partner…..

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