État Brut: Jeffry Plomley’s Journey to the Raw State, Part I

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  • I wonder if the author has thought about how incongruous it is to be shooting in this “raw state” with over $40,000 of equipment.

  • Great work Jeff. Lighting and contrast really work with “gritty” images. Looking forward to part 2.

  • Don,

    It is not about the discrepancies of wealth (or gear) between “documentee and documentor”.
    It is about discrepancies of heart, mind and soul.

    If Jeff was kind and considerate and in harmony with the subjects, which judging by the access he was granted, he must have been, then there is no issue to discuss here.
    By that barometer, the plight of countless people around the world would have never been documented, exposed and to some degree or another, aided!

    Best regards,

  • Allen, I can appreciate all of your points.

    I would feel that lugging around all of the gear would not have helped me establish a better rapport with the subjects and would not have been necessary. I feel acutely the social disparity when travelling in such a poor nation and I feel that there is a place for that discussion, even at the Leica blog.

    I would not have raised the issue if the photographer had. He only mentioned how much gear he had with him.


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