Ioulex: Milan Fashion Week

Photography duo, ioulex (aka Julia Koteliansky and Alexander Kerr) traveled from NYC to Milan and will be heading to Paris next week to cover Fashion Week in both cities for “T: The New York Times Style Magazine.” We equipped them with two Leica M9s to cover all the action backstage and as such they’ll be keeping us, and you, updated here on the Leica blog. You can read more about their trip in our interview with them.

These are our first notes on Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show season in Milan.

As always it comes as a shock to be part of an army of photographers. Whether you’re backstage, at the show venue or within a 100 meter radius, everywhere you look pictures are being taken. Everybody is a photographer and anybody with strange shoes is a subject. Imagine the sheer volume of images being created.


To see more of their photography, visit

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  • How bad have things become when photographers attend Fashion events and dress like they have just come from fixing their brother’s Ralley Car!!!
    Get with the program!

  • Great pics and very stylish, i like the mood of the film, i´m a economic leica user i men have a Leica R-E equipped with summilux 50mm and summicron 35mm, last saturday i shot an event with because my DSLR was not available at the moment, im surprised about the mood, light and detail versus my DSLR, the pictures were fantastic and also de small size of the R-E vs my EOS 5D, let me work with a low profile, people don´t think im working they think im a guest too and smile more, i don´t know exactly what happened but results of using it for my work i think were better than i expected.

  • I too like the idea of ‘being equipped’ by Leica. Where can I send an application.

    I expect the Leica duo is wearing tuxedos to match their gear and stand out from the Canonists.

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