Arthur Meyerson: Award-Winning Pro & A Dedicated Amateur, Part 1

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  • A interesting read with fine work by Arthur.
    However, I’m confused as Arthur states that he relies solely on the M-9 with a 35mm f1.4 Summilux ASPH lens.
    Later in the interview Arthur states that, “For much of my commercial work, I use SLRs,”…

    Well, which is it?

  • Hi John!
    Sorry for the confusion. The M9/35mm lens I use primarily for personal shooting (ie: the images attached to this blog). For my commercial work, it’s whatever I need to do the job.

  • It is wonderful to read the eloquent replies Mr. Meyerson makes to these well thought out questions. I know of very few artists who can talk so well about their vision and their work.
    What is even better is the opportunity to see some of his beautiful images, most of which are not on his website.
    He is definitely one of the premier shooters in the world today, who delivers color, subject and design all bathed in wonderful light.
    Looking forward to Part 2.
    Thank you!

  • Arthur…i wrote a blog for Leica last year..and included some “street photography” style shots. One reader seemed quite upset by my photography without permission….

    …so well done on your work ethic


  • Thank you, Bob!

    However, I don’t want to give the impression that I photograph people who DON’T want to be photographed. It’s just that I would rather capture the moment rather than always ask for permission or a model release. If someone raises their hand and tells me “NO”, I respect that because I know there’s probably another photo waiting around the corner.

  • Interesting reading and some cool photos. At some shots the perfection of image quality doesn’t seems right and I am missing good old grain, but that’s fine considering Leica is selling M9 🙂
    Keep up the good work, Street photography is not the same anymore since more and more people live in paranoia of being photographed !!!

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