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Claire Atkinson at 22: A Young Brit Reveals Us To Ourselves With Her Leica M6, Part 1

Taken by Claire Atkinson

Claire Atkinson captures the human condition in her hometown of Manchester, UK. As a young photographer she as surprisingly distinct preference for film over digital capture, using a Leica M6 with 50 mm f/2 Summicron lens as her camera of choice. Perhaps it’s a little too soon to label her as a rising star, but her talent [...]

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The Characteristics of a Megacity: An Interview with Hans-Georg Esch

Guangzhou 2010 Taken by Hans-Georg Esch

Hans-Georg Esch is one of the most renowned photographers of architecture, having realized numerous exhibitions and books, e. g. Megacities – Räume einer beschleunigten Gesellschaft. We talked with him about his perspectives on megacities and about the story behind his panoramic photograph “Salzburg 360 degrees”. Q: What about the architecture of conurbation is intriguing for [...]

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Andreas Bär Läsker, Fanta4 Tour: Munich and Nuremberg

nürnberg crewfoto © Andreas „Bär“ Läsker

München (Munich) 26.10.11 [DEUTSCH] münchen, olympiahalle. immer noch eine geniale location. durch das weiche, zeltartige dach eine wirklich gute akustik, die beste auf der tour. und münchen….eine der ganz frühen fan-hochburgen. es werden 11.000 leute kommen. wir haben hier schon überall gespielt, vom P1 übers backstage ins terminal und jetzt hier. und auch hier sind [...]

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The Monks who make Caskets

Monks Who Make Caskets © David Spielman

David G. Spielman: Guest blogger. Assignment: 3 – Abbey of Saint Joseph. Location: Covington, LA. Equipment: M9. Tucked away in the piney woods across Lake Pontchatrain from New Orleans, just North of Covington, Louisiana is the Abbey of Saint Joseph. St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College of the Benedictine Order has been in existence since [...]

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