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Andreas Bär Läsker, Fanta4 Tour: 2 Mannheim

thomas garderobe autogramme mannheim © Andreas „Bär“ Läsker

[DEUTSCH] in zürich ein paar stunden geschlafen … dann so schnell wie es die schweizer erlauben zurück nach stuttgart, noch 3 stunden ins büro, das nötigste erledigen. alle akkus aufladen, ausser den eigenen … und wiedwer ins auto, ab nach mannheim in die sap arena. dort angekommen … etwas gedrückte stimmung, ein paar led – wände funktionieren [...]

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Andreas Bär Läsker, Fanta4 Tour: 1 Zurich

totale zuerich © Andreas „Bär“ Läsker

[DEUTSCH] zürich. tourstart. das erstemal auf der rundbühne, das erste mal mitten in der halle. das erstemal mashup-programm…das erstemal “für dich immer noch fanta sie tour 2010″. alle sind nervös, alle sind müde vom tagelangen proben, schrauben, programmieren, schweissen, vorbereiten, waschen, bügeln und trocknen. ein typischer tourtstart eben. auch ich bin aufgeregt, obwohl ich nicht [...]

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Congratulations Andy Marcus, Winner of the Leica Camera Holiday Card Photo Contest


One wintery day in 2010 as Andy Marcus through Central Park with his Leica M9 in hand and his children by his side, Andy captured what would be the winning photo of the “Leica Camera Holiday Card Photo Contest.” Sixty years earlier his father, Fred Marcus, while fleeing Germany for America, ended up in Cuba [...]

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Viva Varun: In Mexico!

A baby Olive Ridley turtle heading for the Sea at Nuevo Vallarta

Answer to “Where am I?”: Mexico (on the east & west coasts of the Sea of Cortez) The jaguar has fascinated the Mexican people since pre-historic times. The Mayas, Olmecs, Aztec and all the other peoples that have inhabited the land have attached great mythological and religious symbolism to this apex predator and the creature still [...]

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Viva Varun: Where is He Now?

Viva Varun: Where is He Now?

Varun’s on the go, with his Leica V-Lux 20 in tow dropping out of the blue, with one photo and one clue where in the world could he be – do you know? Answer on Facebook, Twitter or below. Tomorrow your misery will be put to rest. For today take your best guess. Here is [...]

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Celebrate Digital Tech Appreciation Day on Monday, November 8th

Digital Tech Appreciation Day

You’re invited to join us Monday, November 8th on the Leica S-System Facebook Page to celebrate Digital Tech Appreciation Day! Behind-the-scenes stories, shout-outs and extras will be featured on the Facebook Wall and we encourage you to share your own appreciation and stories related to all things Digital Tech! As part of the celebration, we are [...]

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Norbert Rosing: Documenting the North Country with Passionate Perfection, Part 1

A Polar Bear Sniffing the Air, 2008 taken by Norbert Rosing with the Leica R9

A brilliant wildlife and landscape photographer, Rosing abruptly switched careers in mid-life to pursue his passion for polar bears and capturing the wonders of the Arctic and northern regions of Europe. Widely acclaimed for his technically exquisite and superbly composed images, his work has graced the pages of such internationally renowned publications as National Geographic [...]

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Leica Camera at the Levi’s Photo Workshop

Levi's Photo Workshop

Leica enthusiasts will find an extra treat at the expansive loft space located at 18 Wooster Street in Manhattan’s SoHo District at the home of the Levi’s Photo Workshop until December 18, 2010. Leica Camera has partnered with the Levi’s Photo Workshop to allow both pros and amateurs the opportunity to try out Leica cameras. [...]

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Craig Semetko: A Comedian With an Incisive and Ironic Eye, Part 2

Jump Rope taken by Craig Semetko

A street shooter in the tradition of Cartier-Bresson, his Leicas capture classic images that reveal the moment Perhaps this says all you need to know about Craig Semetko’s inspired Leica photography: In 2008 his work was featured along with images by legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson at the Open Shutter Gallery in Durango, Colorado, in an [...]

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Paul Ripke: That ‘Leica Feel’

Jon Olsson Limone, 2010 taken by Paul Ripke

Paul Ripke, a professional photographer from Hamburg, likes sports – not only privately, but also professionally. And he likes the action that any photo shooting may involve. We asked him about the fun of producing making-of videos, posts in social media and the thrilling photo shootings he has experienced. Q: Paul, you are widely active [...]

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