• Nasser,

    Great article and photographs. Thanks for bringing a local insight into the politics of Jordan. A country that I didn’t spend enough time in.

    Also good to see someone promoting Leica without namechecking.


  • the photos are really good and provide a rather rare insight in the Islamist politcs of Jordan often neglected by public opinion and purposely marginalised by the regime. The analysis is also of interest though I do not share it in all its parts! good job!

  • Nasser Kalaji

    1- Rob , if you ever make it back pls let me know ahead of time, there is plenty of things to see here.

    2-Flippo, Thank you. I dont think its a regime thing per se, most people don’t want to admit the failure of the Islamists and their agenda .

    3- Tobias, thank you, I hope that one day I will get the chance to capture the realities of the right wing religious parties in your own country,, that would be special .

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