Digital Fotogroup – Leica S2 meets Mercedes SL

The Digital Fotogroup, an innovative photo studio specialising in premium advertorial photography, accepted a challenge: photographer Michael Koch wanted to realise a rig shooting of a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing (“Flügeltürer”) built in 1956. The car is one of just 49 SL 300 racing cars with an aluminium car body. To capture the elegance and fascination of such a car, Michael Koch has chosen the Leica S2. “The camera proved to be a perfect choice, especially for the driving shots,” said Michael. “The sensor resolution and lens quality of the S2 are simply outstanding.” His colleague, Ulla Hebgen, a passionate Leica photographer, captured the scenery during the shooting with her M9. And so the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and the Leica S2 shared the spotlight. See for yourself!

-Leica Internet Team

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  • I am confused! Why use a rig to shoot stills? Video I can understand. And what was the deliberate blur over the car to beam fixing all about?Which SL do I prefer? Well the car is worth much more, but it is old tech and would not be as much fun to drive as a modern BMW M car or AMG Mercedes.
    The SL2 I suspect would be a sensual and visual delight.

    OK I would take the car, sell it and get an SL 2 outfit AND a modern sports car.

  • I think the car was moving. there is one portion in the video in which you see it is let go downhill on its own while the camera takes pictures. This way the car is in sharp focus while the surrounding is blurred. KM

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