Video Interview with Michael Kamber of the New York Times

Last week we posted an interview with Michael Kamber of the New York Times, and presented here is the video interview to accompany it.  Michael Kamber is a seasoned photojournalist acclaimed for his brilliant and sensitive coverage of conflict zones around the world. He tells the amazing story of his evolving career and his Leica connection in this two part series with us.

-Leica Internet Team

For Michael Kamber’s website, please visit For more of his work, please visit Mike Kamber’s New York Times topic page and click to see his Photographer’s Journal: The War in Iraq featured on

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  • Thank you for the posting. I guess I am at the stage where Michael Kamber was when he started out. I have a Nikon D3S and had a D300S which I just traded in for a Leica. It’s for the exact reason Michael stated in the video; shooting where you really shouldn’t, a natural extension of you, fantastic image capturing abilities and Leica’s reputation.

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