Karl Georg Wolf’s Photos

A serious Leica enthusiast with a photo featured in the ‘Leica User Forum Book’, Karl Georg Wolf shoots like a pro and presented are a selection of his photos

Earlier this week an interview with Karl Georg Wolf was featured along with his powerfully straightforward image of the dilapidated Palace of the Republic in Berlin awaiting demolition, a photo that received a first place award from the Leica-historica society and was subsequently selected for publication in the ‘Leica User Form Book’. Presented here are more photos from Karl Georg Wolf, a serious Leica enthusiast and long-standing member of the Leica-historica society in Germany. The gallery illuminates his architect’s keen eye and talent for straightforward documentary style photography.

-Leica Internet Team

This post is part of the special ‘Leica for AICR’ series. To purchase the ‘Leica User Forum Book’, please click here. Proceeds benefit the UK-based Association for International Cancer Research (AICR). Please visit our page on Facebook to enter the ‘Leica for AICR’ photo contest; this week’s theme is Architecture. Based on Leica’s Twitter initiative, Leica is donating €3,000 to AICR – thank you for making this possible!

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  • I think that we as photographers have to be very careful when sampling other artists work in our photos. Much like any other artform, using elements from the popular zeitgeist is an important tool, but without a recontextualization of that work (Erwitt’s photo with the Goya paintings for example) it’s little more than copy work, and without crediting the original author, that just becomes plagiarism. As people who are serious about crafting our images, it is important to buck this popular trend that sees all intellectual property as freeware.

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