Travel Editor’s Choice from the Leica User Forum Book

The Legs on a Train by Sam Wells was selected as the Editor’s Choice for the Travel chapter of the ‘Leica User Forum Book’

A frequent aim of mine is to photograph anything that others can’t or won’t. Sometimes I succeed. In selecting my ‘editors choice’, Legs on a Train is a stand out winner using that criteria. I am pleasantly surprised by how many final images fit into such a category. One of the great dangers of travel photography is to fall into the cliche of picture postcard representation. There is nothing wrong with such documentation of one’s travels but I am pleased to observe that a high proportion of images go beyond that stage and make some comment beyond just recording that the photographer was there.

It is not expected that all readers will agree with my point of view, but I do hope that it will provoke you to further assess the selected images and find the reasons why you agree or disagree. That way you will better appreciate what the photographers have presented.

Legs on a train is full of mystery, promise and relaxation. The mystery of whose legs, with the wonderful connection between the pattern on the stockings and the seats. The promise of an as yet unrevealed destination suggested by the movement outside the symmetrically placed window, which is beautifully counter balanced by the asymmetrical and relaxed attitude of those mysterious legs.

The whole image is full of questions and tantalizes the viewer by withholding answers.

– John Amiet, Editor, Travel

This post is part of the special ‘Leica for AICR’ series. To purchase the book, please click here. Proceeds benefit the UK-based Association for International Cancer Research (AICR). Please visit our page on Facebook to enter the ‘Leica for AICR’ photo contest.

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  • Have you ever done a project specifically targeting one part of the body throughout your travels? i.e. The eyes of the people around the world… legs… left hand 🙂
    I think a journal of the left hand of everybody you meet would just be interesting for one reason or another.

  • Nice photo for the blur the patterns, and everything else that you mention.

    But Legs on a Train gets selected b/c it represents something that others can’t or won’t photograph? I’m sorry, but this just seems pretty obvious. Isn’t this how most of us men objectify women? I think every man with a camera would try to get this shot. Don’t you think? What was it that you thought others can’t or won’t see about this? Unless your selection pool of other photos was very slim which I find hard to believe in this world of “everyone is a photographer” age.

    Nothing against the shot. I like it enough. Just took some exception to the “can’t or won’t” see about this one, and that it would make an editors selection.


  • Really! Sounds like Ur just selling books 4 a tax deduction dodge with ta Cancer thing. Luv to pay for Ur trip and all, but NO!

  • L L has completely misunderstood the purpose and background to the book. No one has been paid to do anything. Everyone in the book has contributed financially to it and between us and Leica we have raised over £10,000 for the cancer charity. Many people have devoted a considerable amount of time and money to the success of the book.

    I strongly object to the implication that this is just a “tax deduction dodge” – nothing could be further from the truth, and such cynicism is unwarranted.

  • I couldn’t agree more! Its definitely true that there is nothing wrong in documenting ones travel. Besides, there are websites nowadays that offers money when you posted blogs about your personal travel experiences. They do have programs too that would make blogging more easier.

  • I remember this photo very well. ..
    Still enjoy it very much as I had when I first saw it.

    Well done Sam.

  • Andy is correct. The book was published for the best of reasons. Why don’t you check out the book on the Leica User Forum ? Many people entered photographs for the book which were not published, I for one, but each made a donation to the charity.

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