Cameron Salehi: Firecracker with an Eye, Part 2

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  • I think you should really drop this interview. It’s an insult to photographers and makes Leica look like it’s a camera for elitists instead of photographers. This woman is not a pro, and if it weren’t for her father buying this extravagant gift and providing her with trips, she wouldn’t be having an interview with you. This kind of stuff makes me want to sell all of my gear and go get a Holga.

  • I agree with Lainer… somehow (beside the S2) it looks more and more that Leica wants to get into the “pro-sumer” market for people with money… In the end it destroies the market and the market-prices for the Pro’s – beside all the problems with ethics etc. pp.

    Leica should stick to its core – especially in such interviews….

  • Seriously – what awful photos, this is an embarrassment for a company that is Leica in label only now…

    “Her new gallery” “Daddy gave me an M9”

    You should be sick to your stomachs for passing off the dreadful snapshots of a spoiled little girl as “emerging photography” – whoever approved this nonsense should be fired….

  • Why discuss the low light and night photography when the photographs to illustrate are daylight & one lowlight which shows a complete lack of understanding of the use of high ISO’s. This image of Leica is not why I own Leica, rich toy’s instead of tools.

  • I am not worried, what market leica is targeting, lets see some good work!!!

    6th picture from the left looks like a bad fake of a postcard picture.

    Not the type bresson or doisneau would take on the streets of paris.; more the kind some 7 year old kid with a disposable agfa compact could.

  • Oh my god! Look at her homepage… she could be anything, why does she want to be a photographer???

  • I’m not sure why Leica has chosen this person. I’m also not sure why the interview was changed to reflect the ISO mistake. I’m also not sure why Leica has employed someone who gives unanimously positive reviews to their equipment elsewhere. Also – why no response to al the criticism, and why select which comments to publish? You clearly have left out some here. Have some spine and respond. There’s clearly been something fishy going on with this inclusion.

  • Also – I just noticed Jason Schneider wrote this piece. Is there no conflict of interest in having someone who reviews Leica products elsewhere on Leica’s payroll. I’m not trying to be combative, just curious.

  • and please quit with the self gratifying advertorial interviews..
    seriously demeaning to photographers and your-good-selves.

  • Some people are just envious. Not all the pics are bad. Some are actually really nice. So what if she got the M9 from Daddy? Wouldn’t you accept the gift if your daddy gave you an M9? Let’s not be hypocrites.

  • Well, I’m by no means a basher or a troll, and I don’t like criticizing other people’s work gratuitously…but oh my, after seing the pictures and the website…i cannot help but agreeing with the other comments. I mean, good for the girl to have a gallery, a website, and lots of interest in becoming a photographer, but her work is not up to the standard it should be to be displayed on the official leica blog…i expected better…I hope she’s not turned down by all the negative reviews…he

  • Dear Cameron,
    Thank you for sharing your work, looking at some of the comments confirmed that it can be a very rough road at times. Don’t let anyone discourage you – ever.
    When you put your stuff ~out there~ you will meet many who love to criticize – that is just the way it is.
    Please see – to have a look at what can be achieved with a Leica and a Holga – maybe you could take one of Harvey’s classes at ICP?
    Good luck with your new gallery venture.

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