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Karl Georg Wolf’s Photos

Eastside gallery 3 by Karl Georg Wolf

A serious Leica enthusiast with a photo featured in the ‘Leica User Forum Book’, Karl Georg Wolf shoots like a pro and presented are a selection of his photos Earlier this week an interview with Karl Georg Wolf was featured along with his powerfully straightforward image of the dilapidated Palace of the Republic in Berlin awaiting [...]

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Seal’s Europe Tour through the Leica M9

Europe Seal Tour by Steve Huff

Here is Steve Huff’s Journey To Europe To Photograph the Seal Tour with the Leica M9 and 50 Noctilux f/0.95 About a year ago I was heading out to shoot a concert with my Leica M8 and 50 Summilux ASPH lens. I remember before I left, a photographer friend of mine who shot with a Nikon D700 exclusively told me “there is no [...]

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Karl Georg Wolf Interview

Palast der Republik by Karl Georg Wolf

A dyed-in-the-wool Leica fan and a brilliant photographer, this serious enthusiast from Germany shoots like a pro! To say that Karl Georg Wolf is a Leica fanatic is a bit of an understatement. He shoots exclusively with Leica cameras including an SL2, R7, R9, M2, M6, Digilux 2 and a shiny new M9, and his Leica optical [...]

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Aditya Mukherjee: Insightful Eye on India and Beyond

Disguise by Aditya Mukherjee

An emerging photojournalist with passion, talent, and craftsmanship, he’s still seeking the Leica of his dreams Aditya Mukherjee is a talented 24-year-old photographer of Indian descent currently living in Singapore. He is a serious enthusiast of long standing whose pictures are clearly of professional caliber. No matter what camera he uses, his luminous, exquisitely composed [...]

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Laurent Hunziker: A Musician’s Ear and an Artist’s Eye

Landscape winning photo

This is Laurent Hunziker’s winning photo from the ‘Leica for AICR’ Landscape photo contest hosted on Leica’s page on Facebook. The photo is featured on Leica’s profile picture on Facebook this week as part of the efforts to raise awareness about AICR and the ‘Leica User Forum Book‘. Each week during July there is a different themed [...]

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Mugur Varzariu Interview, part 2

Thinking by Mugur Vărzariu

Here is part two of the interview with Mugur Vărzariu who embodies the definition of a compassionate photographer: “I only press the shutter release when I can help my subjects.” Mugur Vărzariu’s winning photo for the ‘Leica for AICR’ People photo contest hosted on Leica’s page on Facebook was featured on Leica’s profile picture on Facebook [...]

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Steve Unsworth: The Empathetic Enthusiast

Steve Unsworth

Steve Unsworth has been shooting pictures since his teens, but he didn’t really get serious about photography until he acquired his first Leica in the 1990s. A committed Leica enthusiast with considerable talent, he modestly describes himself as a “competent” photographer. “I take photographs for myself,” he explains, “and when others like what I do that’s [...]

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Viva Varun: Dornoch, Scotland!

A salmon dish prepared by Michelin-starred chef Charlie Lockley at the Boath House in Nairn. By Varun Sharma

Answer to “Where am I?”: Varun is at The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle in Dornoch, Scotland! Congrats to everyone who answered correctly, especially Pierre St-Arnault and Yorgos Schwartzmann! For me “integrity” is one of the most important words in the English language. In a way, we all look for integrity in our decision-making process whether it be choosing a new friend [...]

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Viva Varun: Where is He Now?

Viva Varun: Where is he now?

Varun’s on the go, with his Leica V-Lux 20 in tow dropping out of the blue, with one photo and one clue where in the world could he be – do you know? Answer on Facebook, Twitter or below. Tomorrow your misery will be put to rest. For today take your best guess. Here is [...]

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Mugur Vărzariu winner of the ‘Leica for AICR’ People Photo Contest

'Leica for AICR' Winning People photo by Mugur Vărzariu

This is Mugur Vărzariu’s winning photo from the ‘Leica for AICR’ People photo contest hosted on Leica’s page on Facebook. The photo was featured on Leica’s profile picture on Facebook during the week of July 5 as part of the efforts to raise awareness about AICR and the ‘Leica User Forum Book‘. Each week during July [...]

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Tom Grill Interview on Stock Photography

Cannon with sun burst at dawn, Gettysburg by Tom Grill

A master producer and consumer of stock photography and an ardent Leica enthusiast, his analytical brilliance transformed stock photography by defining images that sell. Tom Grill is a consummate stock photographer himself as well as the CEO of two leading stock agencies, Stock Photos America, and Tetra Images, a stock distribution agency that supplies RF [...]

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Travel Editor’s Choice from the Leica User Forum Book

Legs on a Train by Sam Wells

The Legs on a Train by Sam Wells was selected as the Editor’s Choice for the Travel chapter of the ‘Leica User Forum Book’ A frequent aim of mine is to photograph anything that others can’t or won’t. Sometimes I succeed. In selecting my ‘editors choice’, Legs on a Train is a stand out winner using [...]

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Cameron Salehi: Firecracker with an Eye, Part 2

Ricky Fitts by Cameron Salehi

In the second part of this interview , an emerging 24-year-old photographer develops her natural talent through hands-on experience with the Leica M9 Her “post-graduate” education on 5 National Geographic mentored trips provided her with a firm foundation in the nuances of travel and street shooting, enabling her to create a remarkably mature picture portfolio [...]

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Andy Barton: Silver Linings in the Clouds

Andy Barton

Andy Barton: His Leica photography is classic and elegant, a welcome antithesis to “in your face” photojournalism Andy Barton is the UK moderator for the Leica User Forum, an accomplished photographer who considers himself a “keen amateur.” He derives “great pleasure” from creating iconic landscapes and “non-invasive” pictures of people, and has been shooting for [...]

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Bill Palmer: Diehard Leica Fan with a Big Heart, part 2

The Cup by Bill Palmer

Help raise funds for AICR by following Leica on Twitter! We are donating €0.50 for every new follower to our account, @leica_camera. Upon reaching 10,000 followers by Friday, July 9, an additional €1,000 will be donated to AICR! Today is the deadline – please follow @leica_camera. Combining his passion for Leica plus compassion for others, [...]

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