Street Photography with Yanick Delafoge and his Leica M9

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  • was just in Paris with an M9 and the 1.4 50mm lens, have ordered the 35 as I find it less critical in the area of focus. thanks for an informative article.

  • Many thanks to Steve for the great interview! I really love the work of Yanick – I hadn’t encountered his website earlier and as someone who dreams of spending time in Paris from time to time. Going through Yanick’s website and his photos was simply inspirational for me to get out and experiment with some of the signature moves of Yanick when it comes to street photography: slight overexposure (I like that), shallow depth of field, intense red, desaturated greens and of course the overall use of color which is not so typical for street photography and which I have myself followed so far. And the World Cup (and me being in Germany) is giving me a great chance this weekend to try shooting street. Thanks for the inspiration, guys! Cheers, Konstantin

  • Nice interview (would have enjoyed more probing into Yanick’s technique), his work is gorgeous, quietly clicking away and following his passion, true to the art!

  • Love these shots…I saw this set last year, it made me save up to buy my own Leica. I am now the proud owner of a M8 coupled with a 28mm 2.8 Glass, trying to convince my girlfreind that I should buy a 1.4 LOL.

    Love your work, hope I can produce the same quality soon!

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