Do Leica Cameras Have A Soul?

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  • Do Leica cameras have a soul? I recently had the chance to shoot several Leica R lenses whose mounts had been swapped for Nikon F mounts (2/90 APO, 2,8/100 APO, 3,4/180 APO). When proper focus is captured, there is a ‘snap’ of clarity to the image that I have not seen with any Nikkor I have used. Whether it’s the higher resolution and microcontrast but lower overall contrast noted as the way Leicas ‘draw’, I don’t know. It really delivers images of indescribable richness. So my corollary is, do Leica lenses have a soul?

  • At risk of sounding fruity, I totally agree with you. I have been shooting since over 39 years, various rigs but none like a Leica.

  • It’s nice to meet Steve here. Sometimes I think the difference between a camera and a Leica is the same between a sword and a katana …. as a katana has a soul? A samurai said “yes”! However I agree with you: magic is in the lenses. Ciao.

  • I have just started using Leica M and have noticed the glow when looking at my first prints. The leica lens seems to capture all of the light in a beautiful way compared to my Nikon lenses. There is also a lot more depth and feeling to the images I have created so far. Yes I agree that when used correctly there is a magic there that makes other images from other cameras seem flat and lifeless.

  • Steve, do you think you would be able to pick out the Leica photos in a batch of photos that were shot with Canon or Nikon cameras mixed in ?

  • This guy is a camera reviewer..not a ‘real’ Leica shooter. Or perhaps not even a photographer…He tested most of his expensive Leica gears on his backyard, his kids and make an assumptions on those scenarios. Who woyld buy an expensive camera and lenses just to shoot behind their house? Sorry. just my 2 cents. For me, Ming Thein is the right person to talk about this.

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