16 Reasons to get your hiking gear and head to the mountains: Per Bullough Interview by Olaf Willoughby

per 10

  This month’s Olaf Willoughby interview is with Per Bullough, a photographer based near Sheffield, UK. Per’s work takes us to the mountainous places of the world where he shows us the visual common denominators which bind together the appeal of higher and lower mountain ranges and landscapes whether near or far. This is a [...]

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“There where nothing happens…”: Paulo Nozolino at Paris Photo 2015

Lan Merzer 2012

This is the second of two interviews carried out on the occasion of the new “J’étais là” (“I Was There”) exhibition by Stéphane Duroy and Paulo Nozolino, presented by Leica at Paris Photo 2015, an edition which was cut short following the 13 November attacks in Paris. In this interview, Paulo Nozolino, born in Lisbon, [...]

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The resilience and vitality of Amsterdam’s Jews: Leonard Freed’s Exhibition

03. © Leonard Freed, De markt op het Waterlooplein © Leonard Freed  Magnum Photos

Leonard Freed, the New York photographer with roots in the Russian and Jewish communities, has been well-known for the work done with Leica cameras throughout his career, including his influential participation in the Magnum Photographer Collective. This year, the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam is proud to present a timeless collection of Freed’s photographs taken [...]

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500 years in the making: The Teochew Opera by Aik Beng Chia

@ AikBeng Chia

“In The Mood For Love”, a film by Wong Kar-Wai served as the inspiration for photographer AikBeng Chia, also known as ABC. His view on Singapore’s streets and vivid portraiture has earned him a enviable reputation within the Instagram community. However, his plans include other photographic genres including portraiture and landscapes. Moreover, once of his [...]

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How The Leica M (Typ 262) Will Inspire Your Street Photography: Andrea Boccalini in Vienna

© Andrea Boccalini

“It’s a timeless city. You can feel the vibration of the stories in the city. If you go deeper, you can feel the modern side of the city as well. You get the sensation of an embedded modern lifestyle.” This is how Andrea Boccalini, the Vienna-based Italian photographer describes his experience with the Leica M [...]

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A Timeless Edition of Accessories Inspired by the Unique 0.95 Lens

Leica Accessories 0.95 S.T. Dupont

 “We find the 0.95 lens to be elegant, sharp, and durable; a lens that would inspire people to use their cameras every day.” Megha Malagatti. S.T. Dupont, a French brand that breaths and resonate with the motto,  “The Art of Living Well” has partnered with Leica in an exquisite mix of finely crafted products that [...]

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“I was there”: Stéphane Duroy at Paris Photo 2015

© Stéphane Duroy

  The first of two interviews carried out on the occasion of Stéphane Duroy and Paulo Nozolino’s new “J’étais là” (“I Was There”) exhibition, presented by Leica at Paris Photo 2015. In this interview, Stéphane Duroy, born in Tunisia in 1948 and resident in France, discusses his long career, including the Brittany images presented at [...]

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Rediscovering DC and NYC in 7 days: Tomaso Baldessarini

© Tomaso Baldessarini

Tomaso was born in Germany and completed his photography studies at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in 2012. Three months later he started his portrait Project Anti Mono Stereo in which he photographed and interviewed 400 people. This was followed by collaborations with the German Zeit Magazin, larger exhibitions plus publications around the world. He is [...]

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20 images that will change your views on modeling: Stefano Guindani

(c) Stefano Guindani 10

Every curtain has two sides: on the one there is illusion, perfection, a precise look, on the other authenticity and reality. Tired eyes, grimaces, curlers – Stefano Guindani’s glimpse behind the scenes reveals the world of modelling, not from the fashion perspective but as a profession. He often shows models hurrying from the catwalk entrance [...]

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Berlin in 4 Diptychs: Guy Tillim and the Leica SL

© Guy Tillim

The South African photographer Guy Tillim has been capturing Berlin’s urban landscape with a Leica SL – yet it is not the motifs themselves that take centre stage but rather his attempt to approach them in an impartial manner. The results are diptychs that reflect reality in so far as they neither show clichés, nor [...]

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Fred Mortagne: Skating in L.A.


Renowned skateboarding film-maker and photographer, Fred Mortagne, alias French Fred, set out to capture this urban sport with the new Leica SL. Shooting on location at the industrial canals and concrete bed of the Los Angeles River he staged the Element skateboard team with Nick Garcia, Nassim Guammaz, Alex Lawton, Dominick Walker and Brandon Westgate. [...]

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13 reasons why you should own this camera: The work of Katia Mi

© Katia Mi

An avid Instagrammer and photographer, Czech Republic-born Katia Mi has been shooting with the Leica T for several months now. With over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, PR, media planning, web design, graphic, interior, fashion, jewelry and women accessories, Katia has spearheaded several imagery projects including @training_project and @concept_project, making her one [...]

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Craig Cutler: Breaking Through Urban Chaos

© Craig Cutler

Mono is a personal series photographed in the space between assignments that take director and photographer Craig Cutler around the world. His Leica allows him to break through urban chaos and simplify what his eye envisions into pure black-and-white form. – Daniel Zvereff To learn more about Craig’s work and to connect with him, please [...]

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Robert Wheeler: A Look At Hemingway’s Cuba

© Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler is an adjunct faculty member at Southern New Hampshire University and has been a passionate Hemingway enthusiast since reading his first Hemingway novel in 1986. We first spoke to Robert about capturing Ernest Hemingway’s Paris. Now, Robert takes us through Hemingway’s Cuba with the Leica X (Typ 113). Q: In creating your Hemingway Lost [...]

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Michael Barkin: Documenting the Nalukataq Whaling Festival

© Michael Barkin

Michael Barkin was born in Eugene, Oregon and currently lives in Seattle, Washington, where he studied geography and information management at the University of Washington. The modern media landscape and his interests have converged and diverged over time, thus he works on personal projects and occasional publications or exhibits. He is a self-taught photographer who [...]

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